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Now you can support .
100 Black Men of Western PA, Inc

With your United Way contributions!

The following excerts from a letter from the President
explains how your dollars can make a difference.

"Investing In Our Youth"

Dear Potential Donor, It is that time of year when many non-profit charitable organizations begin to solicit for United Way contributions. With the selection of 100 Black Men of Western PA, Inc. as the organization of your choice for 1999/2000, your contributions will be invested wisely.

100 Black Men of Western PA, Inc. is a non-profit charitable 501(C)(3) organization with 82 chapters, including 4 international chapters. 100 Black Men of Western PA, Inc. mission is to mentor Middle School and High School students from the Greater Pittsburgh area .

100 Black Men Mentorship Program is entering its 9th year. During the past 8 years our programs have reached over 500 students and over 90% of our graduates have entered post secondary education. In addition, we have awarded over $25,000 in scholarships for students participating in our program to continue their educational endeavors.

The Mentorship Program is constructed to provide development in the areas of culture, education, business and health. The students attend weekly workshops, tutoring and a 7-week SAT prep program. These students meet on a continuous basis all year round without breaks.

The members of 100 Black Men of Western PA, Inc. are truly excited over the many accomplishments that our students have achieved. In order to ensure the continued success of this Mentorship Program we ask that you please make your United Way contribution and designate 100 Black Men of Western PA, Inc. as your choice. Our agency code is 885156. Thank you for your support and continue to invest in our youth!


Michael Carlisle

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